Amazonian Medical Aviation (AMA)

Amazonian Medical Aviation (AMA)

Dear brothers

We are in dire need of getting a small plane here in the Amazon, by faith we are adding Amazonian Medical Aviation (AMA) to our medical missionary work. The town has a large landing strip, the plane we need is one like the one in the picture. Cessna 207.

We will be working with the local government and the leaders of the indigenous Amazonian community and the local medical service.

The track is in perfect condition, 2200 meters long. It only needs cleaning of the waste from the cows that walk by; cattle are using the runway more than any plane.

The closest airport is in Rurrenabaque, and there are no longer any flights departing from there and there are no airlines using that airport. There could be the possibility of starting a transport service that could cover a large amount of expenses to be more self-sustaining.

We have a responsible pilot and he is also a Medical Missionary Pilot, our brother in Christ from South America – Guyana.

To support this ministry go to gmi.org/amazonina-medical-mission or contact us directly or WhatsApp +591-72592414

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