2. Making the place flourish

2. Making the place flourish

In the boarding school

God had given Clinton the ability to make gardens, when God called him to work for him exclusively he was making landscaping design and environment protection (He reminds me of Peter who was fisherman before being called by Jesus). The gardens have an effect on the mind, and God gave him a gift through which he could serve him (the plants), some friends commented of Clinton: “He is a missionary and everything he touches flourishes.” But it also requires effort

For a while we stayed at Even-Ezer, an Adventist boarding school that was 20 minutes from town, & nbsp; They had bought many fruit trees and we began to plant them, there were other volunteer missionaries shelling corn, some cut the grass, others cleaned weeds, I’m sure that & nbsp; Now there are more than enough fruits and vegetables for all the students (but we used mulch when planting the saplings, which means that there was no need to remove weeds later and the plant would have better nutrients and the sun would not destroy the valuable living elements of the plant. Earth).

in eben-ezer
in eben-ezer school

Beginning of the medical missionary work

After a few weeks of praying, God gave us a place for the health center; a rented house had a front yard; we can cut the bushes and trees, we cut the grass, and it looked very pretty; So we began to teach and give ozone treatments, God blessed us a lot because we did not have to go out to look for patients, they were referred by someone we knew.

medical missionary work
medical missionary work

Making contacts

Now we lived in the town and when we passed through the mayor’s office, it was seen that some maintenance was missing, the bushes were of different sizes, the coconuts had not been pruned and the grass was grown, when we looked around we saw that the square was also There was a lack of arrangement in the plants, the streets with palm trees and plants, needless to say (what happens is that only one person was in charge of this, in addition that person also had to attend the mayor’s nursery that was far from the square); Then Clinton said “I’m going to help”, we approached the mayor’s office and asked for the person in charge, Secretary Toto attended us and we told him that we wanted to take care of maintaining the mayor’s front gardens, he said but we have no budget, then Clinton replied, We will do it as voluntary work if they accept, they shook hands and Clinton that same day pruned the coconuts (and a lot of coconuts fell and Toto said, here they all have coconut, take them with you and so we take the coconuts that fell), I cut the grass and level all the bushes; it looked like a new alcandia. And once a week Clinton would fix the gardens of the mayor’s office, the plaza and some streets with trees, they coordinated very well with Don Cristobal, the person in charge of the nursery and maintenance, both were very appreciated, and they knew a lot about plants and respected each other. for your knowledge.

Ixiamas plaza

Those who worked in the mayor’s office, the people who passed by, all came to greet him and ask him if he worked for the mayor’s office, he answered “I am a missionary, and I do this in my free time, I also give biblical studies and answer questions that people has about the bible and God “(answered in English). After a while he was already part of the mayoral team, everyone knew him and greeted him.


It was incredible to find a law of God on the walls of the city hall, the mayor was very proud of that; But when you asked them what does the 4th commandment say? they didn’t really know the ten commandments. There is so much to teach and share with the people of this place!

Consejos de otros

The man who has friends must show himself a friend; And friend there is more united than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

The remarkable prosperity that accompanied everything Joseph was commissioned to do was not the result of a direct miracle, but his industry, interest, and energy were crowned with divine blessing. Joseph attributed his success to God’s favor, and even his idolatrous master accepted this as the secret of his unmatched prosperity. However, without your consistent and well-directed efforts, I would never have been able to achieve such success. God was glorified by the faithfulness of his servant. It was the divine purpose that by purity and righteousness, the believer in God should appear in stark contrast to idolaters, so that the light of heavenly grace would shine amid the darkness of paganism. PP 54.

La comisión del Salvador a sus discípulos incluye a todos los creyentes hasta el fin del tiempo. Todos aquellos a quienes ha llegado la inspiración celestial, reciben el Evangelio como cometido. A todos los que reciban la vida de Cristo se les ordena que trabajen por la salvación de sus semejantes. Para esta obra ha sido establecida la iglesia, y todos los que se ligan por sus sagrados votos se comprometen con ello a ser colaboradores con Cristo.

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