3. Biblical Studies and English Classes in the Amazon

3. Biblical Studies and English Classes in the Amazon

One day when we were at the mayor’s office trying to explain that we wanted to give health talks, a military man who was there listening became interested in the subject and invited us to give a talk to the military at their base, we had never seen such people well organized and of good bearing; everyone participated in the talk and sat very attentive, all in order, respectful and kind, we spoke with them regarding health and also regarding the laws and the law of God, to the conclusion that we reached is that a pastor does the same work as a military man or a policeman, he teaches the law (of God) and helps people to comply with it , and when someone does not comply with the law they are putting the rest of society at risk. There can be no government without LAW and if there is the kingdom of heaven it will surely be governed under a LAW .

We continued visiting people and also giving talks on health and on the LAW, there was a lot to teach.

Starting the classes

God had commanded us to teach and we were doing it, but how could we talk even more? God’s providence blessed us through our desire to share his word with others at the reception on Saturday, with biblical stories and praises to God in English, but before that we taught some basic English to children who want to come. Friday to receive Saturday.

When we started on Friday we did not know what God had prepared for us, we had already spoken with the mayor’s office about whether they had sick relatives whom we visited and gave treatments, so we also presented our idea to receive on Saturday and teach Some English to the children (we thought maybe they could send their children).

The large number of children who responded to the call was great. God put it in the hearts of the mayor’s office to provide us with a place for the classes, and then he put it again in their hearts to announce the classes on local television; We had expected maybe 12 to 20 children, but little by little, each week more and more arrived; In his mercy God provided us teachers as well; the children became more than 100 students and the teachers 10 to 20 teachers (among whom they had to travel and then God provided another teacher to take their place) who were Christian people speaking English as their native language. We extended the classes to 2 times a week, the children wanted to learn more and more; and they also listened attentively to the biblical stories and sang the praises of God in English.

All the children received a painting of THE LAW OF GOD and a book of biblical stories, that means that in at least 100 houses they already know about the law of God; At the end, the local TV came to interview and record the classes, and there we told them to read their Bibles that they teach their children and that glory be to God.


Genesis 24: 7 Jehovah, God of heaven, who took me from my father’s house and from the land of my relatives, and who spoke to me and swore to me saying “To your descendants I will give this land” he will send his angel before you , so that you can bring a wife for my son.

Each one must work in cooperation with Christ for the salvation of souls. As surely as there is a place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions, there is a designated place on earth where we are to work for God. — Practical Lessons from the Great Teacher, 297.

You should not wait for better opportunities or extraordinary abilities to start working for God CC 86

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