6. Small construction

6. Small construction

We had been giving bible studies, but we lacked materials (Bibles, Spirit of Prophecy and material for children), we were also worried about rent and money for food, to attend to patients in addition to continuing with the advancement of the place in the field. to support ourselves in our work, although until that moment we had lacked nothing, God had provided us with everything we needed, but we were worried about the future and our money was little, we thought about how to manage better.

That same week, a sister wrote to us from Chile, she wanted to help us in the work we were doing, we looked at our list and the most important thing to get was the Bibles for the Bible studies (It becomes difficult to give Bible studies if the student does not have a Bible) so she gave us money to buy the bibles and even enough for material for children, we already knew that on our trip we were going to bring bibles, because God had provided through this sister.

You can imagine the next thing he provided us with, they were books of the spirit of prophecy, I believe that this is how God sends his servants what they need, we also received materials from HERALD OF HOPE, which are a great blessing.

These materials are important and essential when doing missionary work, then God sent us even other materials, that’s how Amazonian Book Center (ABC store ), to make available to those who wish to give away or need materials to evangelize or learn themselves; There is a lot of information for the people of God, there is a lot of knowledge to share and live, that’s why we put them at distribution prices.

In the Country, building a first place

As we said, our money was little but God was providing in every step we took, we were not alone; so we decided to go ahead and build a place first to store our tools, then it would also serve as temporary housing, kitchen, cellar, and in the end it would be the chicken coop.

In the Amazon, wood is usually very cheap, and the roofs are made of palm trees (jatata), with a simple design, where the sun enters in the morning and in the afternoon the sun falls in the back so that it is not too hot (already the place is hot and humid), neither too big nor too small, just enough to make it well done and finished.

It was almost a miracle, we were never left empty-handed and without knowing what to do due to lack of materials, God always put something in front of us, and He showed us what to do; although this time we were still far from our objective that the Amazonian ministry works in the country.


Exodo 23: 20 -23

Behold, I am sending my Angel ahead of you to guard you on the way, and to bring you into the place that I have  prepared. Keep yourself before him, and listen to his voice; do not be rebellious; because he will not forgive your rebellion, because my name is in him.

(^_^)–:If God calls you somewhere go (he has called us to leave the cities and go to the country to live).

(^_^)–:If God calls you to give up food, do it (meat should never be part of our diet, cheese should never enter the stomach, foods that alter our nervous system such as tea, coffee, spicy foods should be completely abandoned).

(^_^)–:If God calls you to dress correctly, do it (the woman will not wear men’s clothing, nor the man women’s clothing).

(^_^)–: If God calls you to Preach, do it!

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