7. Food for the future

7. Food for the future

Spiritual seeds

In our missionary work we visited and studied the Bible with various children in the village. Children are wonderful, always ready to sing, read and learn.

It is very important that they know the commandments of God to determine what is right and what is wrong. Also as soon as they can read, that they have a bible and can know it and handle it well.

For parents we provide other materials such as The Christian Home, The Great Controversy, Maranatha, The Master Discourse of Jesus Christ, and for teens Redemption History.

For Doctors or interested in health Ministry of Healing.

Planting vegetables and fruits

God gave us fertile land and we already had a road, so we decided to plant some seeds, Papayas, Bananas, Maracuyas, Watermelons, Zucchini. The area still had to be cleared of the large logs that the previous owner had cut down to plant his corn, but we planted out of faith and hope that some of what we did would bear fruit.

Ecclesiastes 11:6 In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening do not let your hand rest; because you don’t know which is the best, if this or that, or if one and the other is equally good.

The Bible mentions that one day we will not be able to buy and sell, so we must be prepared for that day, it takes time to learn how plants grow, how much space they need, when is the best season to plant and it varies a lot depending on the place (tropical, valley, etc). In our case, it is warm and humid in the Amazon all year round, but we have months of rain and dry months (although it is not so dry, it rains sporadically). In our case, there is not much to learn about how much water the plants need, since it is humid, the plants do not dry easily. Now is the time to learn.

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