Looking for a place for ministry work

Looking for a place for ministry work

We had reached the Amazon, the last town where the road ended, the place where God had sent us.

We toured the town handing out flyers, the people were friendly and welcomed us and explained that we were missionaries, we also began to give ozone therapy treatments to some people who needed it. As we did not have a place to attend to them, we visited them in their homes and took our ozone sauna, the attention to the people was free and we explained the general cause of the diseases and we talked to them about how Jesus healed the sick and then told them, go away. And sin no more, lest something worse come to you.

We lived for a time with some missionaries then we went out to the town, there we rented a place temporarily until we found a place in the field.alquilamos un lugar temporalmente hasta encontrar un lugar en el campo.

One place at the country

We needed a place to start, now there are two options when looking for a place, a place already with a house, fruit trees and water and the other cheaper option but that requires more work a land with water but nothing installed, nor any construction, or fruit trees.

We had been praying for a place in the country (outside the town), we went to see three fields and we decided on the fourth.

The first piece of land was a large piece of land, but it was community land, they had told us that it had many benefits because the government brought projects for the communities; But we also learned that within the communities a leader is elected, meetings are held, there are small, large and very large communities; but the meetings are mandatory and can impose sanctions on those who do not comply with them, the authorities can also kick someone out of the community, it only works well when everyone in the community has the same idea, but it does not give you total independence at any time

The second piece of land that we saw, was a piece of land in a flat area, the land was private but the owner had died, they had the purchase and sale document, and the relatives denied that the dead man had sold the land, it would be very difficult register it; Another problem was that being a flat terrain could suffer flooding, a flat place is not suitable to live and more if the rainy season is prolonged as in the Amazon.

The third piece of land that they offered us, we didn’t see it but they took us to the entrance and they said that at the top it was flat, you could see a mountain next to the road; Before buying a land it is important to calculate within the cost, not only the money that will be paid to the owner and do the documentation, but the cost of being able to build on the site, although it was next to the road, we would need special machinery to open a road in a mountain, the cost of renting a tractor is quite high, apparently it was going to cost to open the road almost the same as the terrain.

We could not see the fourth plot well, it still had original trees, it was a place with many trees and jungle, except for one hectare that had been cut down (expression to cut trees and burn them before planting) no one had lived there, no there were fruit trees, and they were only planting corn. They told us that there was water at the top, so another day with a neighbor we went to see the water, it really is to get lost when there is no path; The water was from a stream that flowed constantly, not much water, but enough for a family or two, in addition to the fact that the terrain had a slight incline, it also has part of the mountain. Remembering all the recommendations of the inspired pen, we knew that this was the terrain we were looking for.


A land with a house

It is easier to go live immediately, the basic thing you need is a roof over your head, a place to cook (that has water) and a place to store things.

Fruit trees usually take 5 years before producing fruit, if you have fruit trees, you have healthy food available.

A place to store things, when going to live in the country, we will need tools, food that must have an appropriate place to store, because there are rodents, the rain, and people who might want to steal if they find the opportunity.

A land without a house

Building a place to live takes time, and requires buying building materials and hiring someone to build the place.r el lugar.

It is important that you can access the water, a land without water will discourage even the most enthusiastic, especially in hot climates, and will make it much more difficult for the housekeeper to cook and clean the place, you can choose to build a well, but costs must be taken into account, but generally only land with its own water is recommended.

If you do not have fruit trees, you can buy them from the market, but it means that during the years that our trees grow until they bear fruit we will have to spend on fruits, you need some knowledge to plant trees, it is not so easy as it seems.

It will be necessary to build a temporary or fixed place to start working, since you always need to store things, for example in the case of building you need to save the cement and various materials that can be damaged and lose their value if they get wet.

Private property

It will give you greater security, you do not have to hold meetings, it is highly recommended but make sure that you can get all the documents to put them in your name, many who have not considered it cannot register the property in their names, especially when the person listed as owner does not live on site or is dead.

Community land is not recommended if you want to be independent.


Genesis 2:15 So Jehovah God took man and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to till it and take care of it.

God will provide a land for all those who heartily desire to live in the country, it was never God’s purpose for people to live in the cities.

The land hides blessings in its depths for those who have the courage, the will, and the perseverance to gather its treasures …. Many farmers have not made a proportionate profit from their lands because they undertook this work as if it were a degrading occupation; they do not see that there is in him a blessing for themselves and for their families. AH 126

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