Solar Panels

We do not have electricity in our area, the only electricity that reaches the town, another option is the electric generator that works with gasoline, but gasoline is often not available. It would be wonderful to have solar panels, we would no longer depend on gasoline and it would lower our operating costs.

$ 9.500 USD

Ozone Sauna

To improve to speed of recovery of the people, we need an Ozone Sauna, it would improve the effectiveness of the treatments by 300%, for now we only have one that is a portable family with which we give all our treatments.

$6.700 USD Equipment
+$1.200 USD Oxigen Contentrator
+$2.400 USD Import & Transport Cost
$10.300 USD TOTAL

Massage Table

We desperately need a massage and operating table

$ 400 USD

Hydrotherapy Bath and Ozone Therapy SPA

We desperately need the bath for Hydrotherapy and Special Ozone Therapies. We have the special ozone equipment but we do not have the bath to apply.

$946 USD


Oxygen concentrator

We desperately need this concentrator that produces 90% oxygen for treatments, especially ozone therapy.

$ 1496 USD



Ozone Generator

We desperately need this generator to purify water and medical treatments with ozone

$ 950 USD



Sheets and Towels for pacients

We desperately need Sheets and Towels so when patients come, maintaining proper hygiene requires that we use different Towels and Sheets per patient.

$ 220 USD