Ozone therapy as a treatment for burns

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Ozone therapy as a treatment for burns


Case of a child with a burn, who recovered in a week and a half to the glory of God.

Treatment performed with ozone therapy every other day.

When the skin is open either due to wounds, burns, viruses and bacteria quickly become attached and do not allow the wound to heal, it is there where our defense system (immune system) comes out to defend us, so that viruses and bacteria do not enter inside our body, while these viruses and bacteria are proliferating there, the body is unable to close the skin.

Ozone therapy works by eliminating viruses and bacteria, and allowing the body time to heal (which is the normal process in a clean environment)

Clinical Case Development

Clinic History

A 12-year-old boy, with a large poor family, of normal health, suffers a burn when riding a motorcycle, on his left leg, he does not receive care or attention from his parents for two weeks. The place is hot and humid Amazonian and with many insects.


Burn and Bactierian Infection.

Plan of action

Immediate cleaning is carried out and aloe vera is applied immediately. Every other day is set for the patient to attend their treatment with treatment with ozonoterapy.

Talks will be given on food since the family consumes a lot of sodas (coca cola) and unhealthy food, a change in diet is requested.

Health and Bible talks are given to the entire family of the child; explaining that they return to the consumption of natural fruits and vegetables and remember that God has created us. (They learned many biblical stories, after a while they moved to another place)


Treatments are performed every other day for a week
  1. Ozone therapy in sauna(more details)
  2. Ozone is applied for 5 minutes directly on the skin
  3. Improvements are seen every day.


Ozone therapy treatments are very effective in burn cases, they help the body to control viruses and bacteria; and the body can do the healing work it needs. After several days that the child did not return, we saw him playing in the streets, he did not return because he had completely recovered.

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