Missionary Projects

God had given Clinton the ability to make gardens, when God called him to work for him exclusively he was making gardens for people and for companies (he reminds me of Pedro that he was fish before being called by Jesus).

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We had reached the Amazon, the last town where the road ended, the place where God had sent us. We were looking for a place to settle, now there are two options when looking for a place, a place already with a house, fruit trees and water and the other more economical option but that requires more work a land with water but nothing installed, nor any construction, nor fruit trees.

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Case of a child with a burn, who recovered in a week and a half to the glory of God.

A 12-year-old boy, with a large poor family, of normal health, suffers a burn when riding a motorcycle, on his left leg, he does not receive care or attention from his parents for two weeks. The place is hot and humid Amazonian and with many insects.

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