Center of Therapies – Case terminal cancer

Kingdom of Heaven

Center of Therapies – Case terminal cancer

Last year in September we received a patient, she had terminal cancer and a few months to live, her cancer was malignant, only CHEMOTHERAPY could cure her according to the doctors, the patient was very sad. At a Sunday church meeting, they told him about our SANITARY, he prayed to God to come. It arrived very bad.

Her abdomen was extremely swollen and so were her legs, she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t sit down and she felt very bad, her legs hurt. We prayed to the Lord, it was the first time we treated a cancer patient.

I introduced him to DOCTOR JESUS ​​and God inspired us with the treatment.

His raw treatment, ozone bath, hyperthermia with salt (it is natural dialysis) sun baths, green juices, walks, worship services in the morning and in the afternoon reading a chapter of the Bible, (they really give life and hope) etc. . We use the 8 natural remedies, which the testimonials say restore health. He improved rapidly, his feet became swollen, he walked more, his abdomen decreased in volume, he felt better every time, he finished the 10 days of treatment and left.

But he continued the treatments, his faith was great, he believed in natural remedies and in the great doctor Jesus, he also saw the results and improvements he had had. Today she is healthy there the photo, for GLORY OF GOD.

She underwent drainage in October, they removed 14 liters of fluid, in December she underwent surgery (her malignant cancer had become benign) today she is healthy and gives glory to God.

DOCTOR IN CHARGE “I believe that I am only an instrument of God, and I support with the treatments and the food”.

TEXTO TO MEDITATE He felt the satisfaction that always comes from serving God. He helped bring the sick and suffering out of the crowd to Christ. He saw what relief, what joy and gladness entered human hearts by the healing power of the Restorer.” DA 665

Un abrazo, Alejandra.

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