Heraldo de esperanza
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Herald of Hope contains all the chapters of the book “The Great Controversy” written by Ellen G. White, the history of the struggle between good and evil, and all the actors who have intervened, a chapter in each magazine.

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ozono bolivia

Ozono Bolivia

Learn more about ozone therapy, the benefits and the reasons why you should consider them to improve your health.

As it activates ozone, the cells of the body and eliminates toxins, also together with the sauna it is an excellent purifier.

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Therapy Center

Do you feel sick, depressed or distressed?
We offer you the following therapies by professionals (Santa Cruz-Bolivia)

  • Medical Consultations
  • Ozone therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Hydrotherapy with Ozone
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Food
  • Comfortable rooms surrounded by nature

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proyectos misioneros
proyects Bolivia

Biblical studies, Christian principles, prophecies, stories for children, praises to God in English and Spanish.

Ozone Therapies for lemaniasis, burn infections, wounds that do not heal due to spider or insect bites, problems related to food (overweight, high blood pressure), detoxification in general and change to a healthier lifestyle.

Talks to mothers with children, young men and women, about the importance of nutrition, knowing the digestive system and being able to adequately nourish the body.

Voluntary community service, in coordination with the mayor’s office and some citizen volunteers.

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christian books

amazonian book center

Distribute publications like leaves in the fall(Elena White).

Books more than any other material can reach places and times that are inaccessible, the best gift that can be given to someone you appreciate is a book, important books at distributor price, for bible studies or to give free

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organic farm

Organic Farm

Through natural organic elements such as leaves, branches and shells we can nourish the earth, disinfect the leaves and produce beautiful fruits with which we can eat in a healthy way.

El Refugio

El Refugio

El Refugio will be explaining exciting and informative new information about life in the countryside in the Amazon region of Bolivia.

Announcing our new addition to the Amazonian Medical Mission

vivir en el amazonas de bolivia

Amazonian Medical Aviation


A project in development, we have a responsible pilot and he is also a Missionary doctor, our brother in Christ from South America – Guyana.

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vivir en el amazonas de bolivia

Amazonian Radio Mision


We are in the process of expanding our ministry in Radio Broadcasting in several Amazonian languages to reach the greatest number of people, many of whom do not speak Spanish, in distant places where no other signal only reaches the radio, please support us by sending us donations.

We work for free and we are looking for funds to cover expenses.

There must be sufficient means in the Lord’s treasury to provide adequate support to those who dedicate their time to the work of saving souls.

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